Noted British Historian Andrew Roberts on Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Walking with Destiny
Andrew Roberts. Author of Churchill: Walking with Destiny

The widely respected British historian and best-selling author Andrew Roberts came to the George H. W. Bush Presidential Center on January 29th to discuss his acclaimed new book Churchill: Walking with Destiny. Roberts was the first biographer granted access by Queen Elizabeth to read her late father King George VI’s diary records of Churchill’s weekly audiences with him during the Second World War. Roberts also discovered the verbatim reports of the War Cabinet meetings over which Churchill presided, which had never been used by any historian before. “So there is a lot more to say about Churchill,” Roberts argues.

In this landmark biography of Winston Churchill based on extensive new material, the true genius of the man, statesman and leader can finally be fully seen and understood–by the bestselling, award-winning author of Napoleon and The Storm of War.

When we seek an example of great leaders with unalloyed courage, the person who comes to mind is Winston Churchill: the iconic, visionary war leader immune from the consensus of the day, who stood firmly for his beliefs when everyone doubted him. But how did young Winston become Churchill? What gave him the strength to take on the superior force of Nazi Germany when bombs rained on London and so many others had caved? In Churchill, Andrew Roberts gives readers the full and definitive Winston Churchill, from birth to lasting legacy, as personally revealing as it is compulsively readable.

History buffs of all ages — and especially devotees of the late Prime Minister — will find this hour-long presentation equal part engaging and enjoyable.