Happy Birthday, President & Mrs. Bush!

2021 Birthday List 2

It’s an exciting time for the George & Barbara Bush Foundation!

This spring the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum welcomed the Union Pacific 4141 train engine, and it will soon be joined by a Marine One helicopter We’re continuing our work on behalf of the Library and Museum and The Bush School of Government and Public Service, while expanding our digital resources and programming.

Will you give a gift today and join us in carrying forward the selfless work of George and Barbara Bush through these exciting new opportunities?

I hope you’ll give a gift today. Your generosity will make a big difference, especially now as we chart a new course for supporting the causes the President and First Lady held near and dear.

2021 Birthday Honor Roll

Make a gift of $41 or more to see your name on our 2021 Birthday List

Carolyn and Thomas Adair

Huell Alberty

Margaret MKS Anderson

Missy and Paul Anderson


Vivek Arora

Monica and Meredith Ashley

Janice and Frank Ashley, III

Deborah and Jeffrey Balliew

Lelia and Charles Bankston

William Barnett

Laura and Campbell Barnum

Nan Bass

Eli Bebout

Jean Becker

Mark Beisse

Connie and James Belcher, Jr.

Susan Biddle and Robert Barkin

Eva and Ben Bivens

Anita Blau

Bonni Bowden

Nancy and Jerry Bowen, Sr.

Sally and Ray Bowen

Glen Bower

Jane Bowers

Elizabeth Boyd

Debbie and Mike Breazeale

Sarah and John Brieden, IV

Sally and Jack Buckley, Jr.

Elizabeth and Fred Butler

Lydia and Nick Calio

Cynthia and Guy Caputo

Wayne Chalupa

Kevin Clark

Beth and Roy Clark

Sue and Chuck Cobb

Julie and Tom Cooke

Barbara and Barry Coon

Peggy and Charles Cryan

Elizabeth Culbreth

Linda Cusati

Betty and Billy Dale

Margaret and Russell Davis

Candy and Jim Davis

Janice Dolan

Elena Dumit

John Elliott

Patrick Ellis

Robin and Alexander ‘Hap’ Ellis

Duane Ferrante

Rodney Field

William Flanagan

Mary Fronce

Louise Gaertner

Barbara and Tim Gardner

Donald Gardner

Becky and Robert Gates

Julie Gerberding

Elizabeth Gleason

Mary Ann and Errol Gold

Patricia Gorman

Janice Greig

Margaret and Campbell Griffin, Jr.

Leonor and Francisco Guerra

Jeanette and Tim Haley

Harley Haussman

Nathan Hendricks

Josephine Hennelly

Mary and Royce Hickman, Jr.

Carolyn and Paxton Howard, Jr.

Elizabeth and Raymond Ingle

Sheryl and Joseph Iovanna

Mary Jackson and Troy Pyle

Mary and Oscar Jennings

Laura and Mark Johnson

Sherry and Bedford Johnson

Robert Joiner

Leola and Robert Jolly

Jon Jones

Nancy and John Junkins

Diana and Ronald Kay

Mary Kelly

Jo and Donald Keprta

Sena and William Kerns

Gyujin and Hyun Kim

Donna and Gary Lancaster

James Lehmann

Donna and Frederick Locher

Linda Macdonald

Thale and Steve MacRostie

Barbara and John Manousso

Madeline and Ross Margraves

Mary and David Marold

Louise and Greg Master

Lois and John McConnell

Billy McFarland

Sharon and Gerald McGregor

Judith and Billy McMenamy

Gloria Medvill

John Melnicki

Katherine and Klaus Meybaum

Barbara and Donald Minner

Barb and Peter Mitchell

Dianne Moss

Ginny and Robb Mulberger

Wilbur Myers

Diana and John Negroponte

Constance Newman

Carol Odom

Mary and Thomas Olsen

William Pantalone, Jr.

Denise and Gerald Parker, Jr.

Jane and Ed Parker

Jim Pavitt

Alice and Tom Payne

Laura and Dan Pears

Susan and William Penland, Jr.

Rob Perkin

Marietta Perroni

Henry Pham

Penny and Mike Pickett

Caroline Pierce

Janet Pitre

David Platt

Gloria Portela and Richard Evans

Donna and James Prochaska

Elizabeth Quelch

Reba and Bobby Ragsdale

Gordon Rankin

Carolyn and William Rau

Joe Resendez

Galen Ritchie

Gracyn Robinson

Stephen Rolandi

Jon Rowader

Umit Sami

Paul Sasso

Angela Sayyed

Frank Scheibner

Heather Sells

The Shackouls Family Foundation

Lynn Shelton

Nancy and Robert Shivers

Ann and O.E. Smith

Aimee and Brian Smith

Carol Speirs

Maryann Stevens

Beatrice Stong

Mary Ellen Stroup

Jacklyn Sunderland

Robert Symon

Lori Taylor

Richard Tomko

Kay and William Trivette

Mary Volz

Madelyn and Andrew Von Eschenbach

Donna and Eric Walker

Charlotte and Larry Whaley

Gerry and Don Whitt

Ovida Williams

Randolph Willoby

Janet and Guilford Wilson, Jr.

Gabrielle and Tyrone Wilson

Florence and William Wilson

Mary Woelfel

Steven Wyka

David Wynne

Sandra Zweigler