Texas A&M Bush School Dean Mark Welsh Serves as Keynote Speaker at the Texas A&M Campus Muster

Texas A&M Bush School Dean Gen. Mark A. Welsh III served as the keynote speaker for the Campus Muster ceremony last Thursday, April 21 in Reed Arena.

Each year, Aggies gather to celebrate Muster at over 300 locations around the world. Each of these celebrations is unique, reflecting the preferences and personalities of the communities and volunteers that step forward to host them. From the small county gatherings with barbecue and beer to the larger formal events hosted in hotel ballrooms, the observances have become as diverse as Aggies themselves.

The largest Muster is held on the campus of Texas A&M University at Reed Arena. The ceremony is preceded by a Muster Barbecue at noon on Simpson Drill Field which provides a great opportunity for students and former students to meet and share their stories.

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