Birthday Honor Roll

On June 8 and June 12, we will mark the 97th and 98th birthdays of First Lady Barbara Bush and President George H.W. Bush. In honor of this remarkable couple, we want to thank you for your generous support and invite you to join us in celebrating this special occasion and their legacies by making a gift to the George & Barbara Bush Foundation. Make a gift of $41 or more to see your name on our 2022 Birthday Honor Roll!

2022 Birthday Honor Roll

Huell Alberty

Virginia and Sigmund Alexander


Grace and Olly Ashley

Anita Bales

Rhoda Barnhart

Jeanne and Loren Becker

Margaret and Leonard Bedell

Susan Biddle and Robert Barkin

Mary and John Blackburn

Julia and Stuart Bloch

Wesley Bonner

Elaine and John Bounds

Carol Brownlow

Sandra Campbell

Cecil Capps

Catherine Carstarphen

Carleen and Donald Cleary

Barbara and William Comee

Linda Cusati

Alfred Davis

Diana and Chris Delaup

Allison and Robert DiNardo

Debbie and Steven Dugger

David Duller

Moses Ellis

Patrick Ellis

Joy and Jamie Farr

Diana Farris

Belva and Randy Field

Rose and Fred Fleischmann

B.J. and David Fox

Dixie Fullerton

Gordon Galloway

Barbara and Tim Gardner

Donald Gardner

Barbara and Don Green

David Gunderson

Vivian and Henry Hamilton

Troy Hammons

Abdul Hasib

Kay and Harris Hatfield

Victoria Heinrich

Marilyn Hewitt

Wayne Hill

Mary Lee and Ronald Hull

Andre Irwin

Nancy and William Jacqmein

Mary and Oscar Jennings

Sena and William Kerns

Gyujin and Hyun Kim

Beatrice and Gordon King

Theodore King

Rebecca and Stephen Korenek

Evelyn Lloyd

Denise Mackan

Laura and Fred Maddox

Don Mafrige

Judith and Paul Marchand

Janis McIntosh

Debra and Doug Menarchik

Olga and Enrique Mendez

Gloria Montesclaros

William Montgomery

David Morgen

Ronald Paggen

Ashok Patel

Jania and Phillip Peter

Lee Phillips

Ronald Poole

Susie and Calvin Puryear

Mary Lou Reilly

Susan and Donald Rice

Galen Ritchie

Mark Romig and David Briggs

Clotilde and Joel Saenz

Umit Sami

Wilma Sanderson

Fayrene Schultz

Barbara Scott

Judith and Bobby Shackouls

Ann and O.E. Smith

Becky and Ray Smith

Donna and Robert Smith

Esther Smith

Frances Smith

Shirley Soderholm

Robert St. Amour

Jonnie and Keith Steffek

Peggy and Kenneth Telg

Rose Marie and Robert Tiefenbacher

Judith Trapp

Sally Veazey

Cayce Wendeborn

Cleo Williamson

Karen Wyatt